Dan Wells
full-stack developerhacker



Software Development

[Python, Java, .Net, (No)SQL, UML, git] Front and back-end software analysis, design, and development. Solid understanding of computer science theory, data structures, and algorithm efficiency. Operational experience dealing with performance at scale. Highly enjoy teaching.

Web Development

[JS, CSS, Jinja2, Python-Flask, PHP, Nginx, Apache, (No)SQL, Memcache] Proficiency in MVC design and implementation in various frameworks and languages. Long term experience in server installation, configuration, tuning, and maintenance. Confident in front-end/UI design and UX with JS & CSS.


[SSL/TLS, TCP/IP, Network Services, Monitoring, Reporting] Deep understanding of cryptography and recommended practice. Working knowledge of OSI model. Advanced experience of TCP/IP networks - planning, maintenance, and monitoring. Proficiency in configuring various network services – not limited to: memcached, MongoDB, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, InspIRCd, and bind.